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09-17-2010, 03:26 AM
What speakers and amp does Skiers Choice install from the factory if I got the tower speakers and sub included?

I got the audio package "A" so I would like to install the Kicker KM10 sub in the stock location, upgrade the amp or install a 2nd (whatever was included) and get some tower speakers.

My goal is to make it look like it was included from the factory.

I currently have 6 Kicker KM620 speakers with Kicker 200.4 amp. There must be 2 speakers that are powered from the deck. I am not sure how you would wire 6 speakers to a 4 ch amp.

09-17-2010, 12:48 PM
The factory would normally wire the two bow speakers to two amplifier channels with the four cockpit speakers run in parallel on the other two channels. And the existing amplifier is adequate for the in-boat coaxials as long as they (amplifier and speakers) don't have to compete with excess in the subwoofer that would create an imbalance.
Factory (virtually all boat manufacturers) often uses decent equipment but executes poorly in system design, tuning and particularly in loading the subwoofer. So don't emmulate everything that factory does. And definitely do not copy the factory tower speaker package once you are in the realm of aftermarket equipment.
Provided the Kicker sub enclosure will fit, the pre-packaged woofer/enclosure will be a good choice. You can match its power handling to a Kicker monoblock amplifier based on the 4-ohm rating. Or you can bridge a two channel amplifier.
Your tower speaker selection will dictate the amplifier choice there, placing the horse before the cart. Depending on the tower selection you may be able to use a four channel amplifier to run both the sub and tower speakers.
However, this amplification will most often have to be broken down into two separate models to fit the application and inequitable power needs.
Depending on your tower speaker choice, and if you use only one pair of tower speakers (with an impedance of no less than 4-ohms), then you can bridge your existing amplifier to the tower and run a Kicker five channel amplifier to the in-boat sub and six satellites.
That's a start. Begin with your tower speakers to determine which amplification will best suit your needs.

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