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01-17-2003, 06:36 PM
I am really thinking about getting into a Moomba. Last weekend I was at the Portland Boat Show and was fully impressed with the Moomba line. After seeing the other boats there and reading this board and other boat discussion boards I'm pretty convinced that Moomba does in fact give you the most bang for the buck. I do have a couple of questions and appreciate any input.

My wife and I both like the open cockpit provided with the V-drive. We both wakeboard, so we'd like to gear the boat for such. It looks like to me the Mobius LSV and Outback LSV are the exact same boat, with the exception Mobius comes with tower and 1 sac.

Can someone list out the exact differences between the two models?

It seems to me when I priced the same options on both boats, the mobius was about $400 cheaper. I like the looks of the Outback graphicsa lot better than the mobius graphics, but not sure if its worth an extra $400.

Also, could someone please tell me whats included in the Gravity Games package? I find it hard to believe for $695 all you get is a bunch of sponsers stickers.

Another one, set of 4 pop up cleats cost $275, do regular cleats come standard?

Thanks for the input.

Have Fun!


01-19-2003, 02:01 AM
Good questions! Ask your dealer, ask your dealer, ask your dealer. When I bought my Outback last year I had a million questions! I called him all the time, finally I made a list and called him once. I always thought I was bugging him and being a pain in the butt, but he answered every question with a smile and reassured me I wasen't being a pain in the butt. I still to this day call him with all kinds of questions and still to this day he answers everyone of them helping me to make an educated decision.
To help make this even more difficult, have you thought about looking at the Mobius-V ? It has more Wakeboard specific aspects to it. As for the difference between the two LSV's, the Mobius comes with a four blade standard and a third tracking fin. The Outback (Don't quote me on this) I don't think does.
As for the cleats, it amazes me that they don't come standard when you buy the boat. That always puzzled me and I started thinking that Moomba was being cheap by not adding them as standard equipment, but if you look at the other big manufacturers they don't either!! I'm adding those this off-season.
Good Luck in your decision and congrats on your purchase! I can tell your an educated consumer, your looking at Moomba!!

01-19-2003, 04:54 AM
Just a word of confidence,
I purchased a 2002 LSV last year and so far I love it!!
Looks to me like the third fin, 4 blade prop and the Rad-A-Cage are the only differences between the Mobius LSV and the Outback LSV but the Cage is a must in my opinion.
I have the 320 hp. efi in mine and it runs great!
Also I bought the swingaway double axle trailer w/brakes and wow does it pull great up and down the mountains. I live in Colo. so it was a must. Plus laoding and unloading are a breeze!
Any questions I can answer just e-mail me. :)

01-19-2003, 07:25 PM
The only difference between the Mobius LSV and Outback LSV are graphics, tower, and front ballast. They both come with 3 tracking fins and 4 blade prop. The Mobius comes standard with the C pattern gelcoat scheme, but you can get the Outback version in A, B, or C pattern gel. The gravity package on the LSV includes C pattern black gel pattern, black rubrail with stainless insert, custom black dash, bright dip polished shifter knob, custom decals, and stainless fenders on the trailer. It is not possible to get the black dash, black rubrail, shifter knob, or custom decals unless you get the package. Also, as Kraig stated, cleats are not included as standard equipment. It is possible to tie off to the ski pylon and front handles in the bow, or the bow eye, but I highly recommend cleats if you will be tying off often. The larger Mobius V does include cleats as std equpment but not on the LSV. Hope that answers some of your questions. Good luck in your boat search.