View Full Version : Outback LSV vs Mobius LSV

01-17-2003, 06:34 PM
I am really thinking about getting into a Moomba. Last weekend I was at the Portland Boat Show and was fully impressed with the Moomba line. After reading this board and other boat discussion boards I'm pretty convinced that Moomba does in fact give you the most bang for the buck. I do have a couple of questions and appreciate any input.

My wife and I both like the open cockpit provided with the V-drive. We both wakeboard, so we'd like to gear the boat for such. It looks like to me the Mobius LSV and Outback LSV are the exact same boat, with the exception Mobius comes with tower and 1 sac.

Can someone list out the exact differences between the two models?

It seems to me when I priced the same options on both boats, the mobius was about $400 cheaper. I like the looks of the Outback graphicsa lot better than the mobius graphics, but not sure if its worth an extra $400.

Also, could someone please tell me whats included in the Gravity Games package? I find it hard to believe for $695 all you get is a bunch of sponsers stickers.

Thanks for the input.

Have Fun!