View Full Version : replacing wake plate guage... wiring problems...

08-12-2010, 09:00 PM
hello, i am replacing the wake plate guage in my 05 mobius lsv with a new one as the glass face plate broke off the old one. the old gauge had posts with nuts on the back and the new gauge just has a plug with the wire leads coming out and of course all the colours don't match up :rolleyes: does anyone know where i could get a wiring diagram??



08-16-2010, 11:41 AM
got ahold of Anthony at Skier's Choice and he hooked me up with a wiring diagram... apparently on the old gauge the wires come off of terminals at the back of the gauge and into a black box before continuing off through the wiring harness. The new gauge has the black box built in inside the gauge so you have to remove the black box and connect the wires to the harness on what used to hook into the black box...

Here is the wiring diagram should anyone need it in the future....

Pig tail on back of new gauge ------ existing wiring before black box

1. Purple wire ------ Purple wire on switch pigtail
2. Black wire ------ black wire on switch pigtail
3. Blue wire ------ blue wire on switch pigtail
4. Green wire ------ green signal wire from cylinder sender
5. Green wire ------ green signal wire from cylinger sender
6. Black wire ------ to unshielded signal wire from cylinder
sender wire

the wires on the pigtail have numbers beside where the come out of the plug so you don't confuse the 2 black and 2 green wires

hopefully this helps out anyone else trying to do this in the future...


geoff bedard