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08-12-2010, 09:29 AM
I am looking at a 02 Mobius LSV, has upgraded stero w/subs.speakers, extra battery and switch, hull/seats/engine (170hrs) are excellent, wake plate and 3 ballast bag system. Issues are some rust on the trailer, the bilge and nav light switches seem to have a sort and dont work (that will have to be fixed), and the front ballast bag has a leak (seller has two extra bags dont know it they can replace the problem bag), perfect pass accept speed button not working. Seller is hard on 22.7K, I need some advice.

This is my first boat, I grew up with my dad having boats. Went out on the water engine runs smooth, quiet, and strong. Any comments.

08-12-2010, 09:57 AM
seems a little rich for a 2002. my .02

check nada and only inboards to get a feel for price

08-12-2010, 10:16 AM
Paid 26.5 for my 05LSV about 4 weeks ago loaded with 76 hours on her...

you da man
08-12-2010, 10:54 AM
Look elsewhere, there are better deals and if you can't find one, wait until Feb-Mar next year.

08-12-2010, 11:05 AM
Or Sept. this year.

Ian Brantford
08-12-2010, 11:15 AM
If the owner is a stickler on the premium price, you can be a stickler for a fully-operational boat. Let's cut him some slack on the rusty trailer, as long as there is no compromise to its being road-worthy, and look at the other faults...

1. Bilge pump. If this isn't reliable, the boat is at risk of sinking simply by leaving it at the dock. Yes, this happens a fair bit in real life. There is a market for bilge alarms that squawk or even place a phone call.

2. Lights. You could be cited for not having this important safety system working.

3. Perfect Pass. There is a reason why this is known as a "marriage saver". It is a very important and not-cheap component of a towboat.

If you were completely comfortable with fixing these things yourself and the price were reduced accordingly, it would be worth it. As it is, I'd let someone else take it on.

08-12-2010, 11:30 AM
The flip side of that is you are looking at a 2002 boat, not a new one. It won't be perfect. But, if stuff has been breaking and he's not bothering to fix it anymore that could be a sign that he's done with the boat -- and shouldn't be a stickler on the price. Most of the time when someone says they "can't come down anymore than that" it's because there is a payoff and may not have anything at all to do with the true value of the boat. I got a new boat this year for less than many "sellers" owed on theirs.