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The Squeaky Wheel
08-06-2010, 12:07 PM
I'm looking to enhance my stock Outback V sound system.

Budget: $1500-2000, including install.

I've already upgraded the head unit to a Kenwood 440.

Looking to add tower speakers, amp, big sub. Sounds like an accessory battery is a good idea.

A friend has recommend Wet Sounds speakers but I know nothing about them.

Recommendations from the forum are gladly welcome.

08-06-2010, 08:09 PM
Squeeky - before everyone slaps up a zillion model numbers. Tell the peanut gallery what your looking for sound wise. Some considerations should be addressed.. What is the primary goal?
- wakeboarding i.e. sound on target at 70feet back?
- wakesurfing i.e. sound on target at 15 feet back?
- party coving i.e. dynamic sound in the boat?

The easy answer is EVERYTHING. But it only spells big $$$. Since your on a budget, I'd come back with what is most important to you and then draw some conclusions from that information.

Also, give everyone a clue as to what the system configuration is currently? Do you have a tower setup> sub setup> etc? amplifiers?

Best advice hands down would be to build on what you already have.

- Brian
Exile Audio

08-06-2010, 10:08 PM
Do the install yourself. You'll save money and you'll know it's done right.

The Squeaky Wheel
08-07-2010, 02:59 PM
Thanks guys.

priority: tower speakers for those being towed. I'd like something that's good for both surfers and wakeboarders.

I'm planning on keeping the kenwood 440 with the stock 6 kenwood speakers (for now).

I have a JL 400 amp in a car which I'm going to use - although I may need an additional amp to drive a sub.

08-09-2010, 08:39 AM
you'll get every opinion from everyone on here and brian has some good advice. the more info you can give us, the better off you're choices will be.

I echo kidders advice as well if you have the abilities or have a buddy that has done many installs. boats are no harder than cars for the basics, just have to make sure the sub box is done right..

based on what you posted above, you could blow the entire budget on some good hlcd tower speakers and an amp after install, so whether or not you pay for install will make a difference as well..

tower speakers, you'll get rave reviews from exile and bullet hollowpoints on here. both make topnotch hlcd towers. I have yet to hear a review of the new kicker hlcd's, but if they fit your budget, it would be interesting to see someone use them and review them. based on the name, they should be top notch as well. wetsounds are good, but there are others that are just as good and you will get great support from our forum partners on here..
subs seem to be either exile, kicker or jl. seems to be a large number on here that have the kicker subs and get great results.. most will tell you since you mention "big sub", go 12", nothing less. you won't be sorry :)
amps are a mixed bag. again, jl, kicker and exile would all be good choices. I did fosgate just to be different and couldn't be happier..

other than tower speakers, as a dealer network seems to be spotty, go listen to some of your choices, and make sure and bring your own music..
good luck and keep us posted on which route you go.

The Squeaky Wheel
08-09-2010, 09:57 AM
Am I making a big mistake by using a non-marinized amp?
If so, I'll spring for a more proper one.

08-09-2010, 11:20 AM

Where are you located at? The best advice I can give is to go visit some dealers and see and hear for yourself. See if the dealer can go over the speaker. Heck take them apart and look inside. Get a demo at 80 feet back if you can.

Let me know and I can see if we have someone near you

Wet Sounds

The Squeaky Wheel
08-09-2010, 11:28 AM
Loveland, CO.

I listened to the 80 series speakers this weekend at CO Boat Center. Very nice. But the boat was in a warehouse so I couldn't get a good feel for projection.

do you think these speakers would fit my bill?

The 3-some was also recommended but getting $$$$

Do you know anyone else in my area that has speakers for demo?

08-09-2010, 12:39 PM
Ok cool. PRO 80's sound like it would be a perfect fit for you. One pair has amazing output. And if you start there. You can always add a single 485 for the center and create a 3-Some later. Or add a pair of MB-8 for a killer combo surf and wake system. Or always add another 80! But one pair might be all you ever need or want.

You could do a SYN-6 amp and run it in 3 ch mode. Chs 1-4 on the 80's for 200x2 and chs 5-6 bridged on a XS-12 D2. For 600x1.

Later, you can add a 485 and turn the SYN-6 chs 5-6 into high pass from low pass and put that on the 485 and have the 3-Some set up. Add a SYN-2 of the XS-12 for 700x1.

So gives you the ability to re config the system later and expand if you wanted to.

You could also do a SYN-2 on the 80's and another one on the sub. The XS-12 or XS-XXX.

There are a ton of options and different ways to do it. Feel free to email me first anytime twhite@wetsounds.com and I will be happy to help

Wet Sounds

08-09-2010, 01:18 PM
If you already have a JL Audio XD400/4 then bridged into two channels this amplifier will run virtually any single pair of tower HLCDs very well. You do not have to worry about a single pair of Wetsounds Pro80s projecting to the wakeboarders with authority. These are likely to be the loudest single pair of tower speakers without going to something larger than an 8-inch and without seriously stepping up in power. The question then becomes taming them just a bit for surfing or listening close range while at rest. The Wetsounds EQ is an ideal sound shaping device for this exact purpose. This would leave you with enough budget to address the subwoofer and sub amplifier components. But by setting your sights on HLCDs you are going to exceed your budget as stated, considering the supporting hardware and installation.
If you find the "right" installing dealer, and that is a big IF, you are going to benefit from their layers upon layers of knowledge and experience that the do-it-yourselfers nor the manufacturers possess (whether in technology, installation technique or application). But you wouldn't normally find this type of 'know-how' at a boat dealer. So I would begin my search for a good local dealer that can provide a turnkey solution with total accountability for service and warranties. If that search doesn't pan out and you want to do the installation yourself then give us a shout. We'll give you some neutral advice
with tons of information and documentation.

Earmark Marine

The Squeaky Wheel
08-09-2010, 01:22 PM
I will not do the install myself. It will either be my local Car Toys guy who I've worked with for years, or the local boat shop.

So your opinion is that a non-marinized JL amp is OK?

The equalizer adds quite a bit to the budget. Is this "essential"?

I am willing to stretch the budget a bit.......:)

08-09-2010, 01:51 PM
Many run a non-marine amplifier in fresh water environments and have no issues over the long haul. If you're careless by installing an amplifier directly under a drink holder that doesn't have a drain tube, etc, then you will still have problems with a marine amplifier.
Never is an EQ an essential component. But without writing a book here it is very difficult to manage sound quality in the near field and deliver intelligable music to a rider at 80 feet without some kind of equalization aid. The demands are very different and its almost impossible to have all attributes completely covered in a single speaker. Alot will depend on the degree of your expectations in these two polarized apllications.

Earmark Marine

The Squeaky Wheel
08-09-2010, 01:58 PM
That's great advice. So I can use my JL amp for the speakers and add an additional amp for the sub.

If the equalizer solves the problem you describe then I would spring for the msrp of $299.

I also need to factor in an additional battery and switch.

Do I have this correct?

Thanks !

08-09-2010, 02:22 PM
personally, save the coin on the eq up front and spend on an extra battery/wiring, sub, amp and good tower speakers. installed, this should kill 1500-2k of your budget pretty easily if you get good quality components..

don't forget to budget in good quality power/ground/rca and speaker wires. don't spend good money on good components and cheap out there.

08-09-2010, 03:32 PM
Sandm is correct in that you first have to invest in quality cables and current delivery in that the entire system will only be as good as the foundation.
If you don't want to budget for the EQ now then you can pre-run the supply and turn-on wire plus RCAs so that its a minor addition later.
Understand that I may be influencing you with my personal preferences regarding the EQ. But I'm extremely particular about sound quality and equally sensitive when it comes to the right octave to octave balance. If you are trying to achieve many things with a single pair of speakers I'm convinced you'll find the EQ one of the best investments you could make. Those that add this unit wonder how they got along without one.
Let me know if I can help in any way.
Being a dealer for all the prominent brands I think we offer more of an objective perspective.

Earmark Marine