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08-23-2004, 05:10 PM
Well, we finally snuck away for the 5 1/2 hour drive to Dale Hollow Lake last Thursday. We normally trailer our boat to nearby lakes, not travelling interstates, and traveling no longer than 1 1/2 to 2 hours. This was the first time we towed our boat on the interstate, and furthermore, the first time that we left our boat in the water overnight. Even with the single axle trailer, it did just fine. If I were to travel more, I would spend the extra $$ to get the tandem trailer.

The water is warm, and smooth. Did not seem too crowded, but the 28,000 acre lake doesn't often. We put about 8 hours engine time on the boat while we were there. I must admit that I was just a little nervous about the performance that far from home, after reading all of the worst case scenarios that are posted here. To say the least, I am happy to report that there were NO issues.....our 310 carb started first crank EVERY time, and even with 9 adults on board, you wouldn't have known they were there. In fact, there were people in our boat even when it was tied off as it became a floating dance floor. The only things we added were CD (no sub), stainless steel rub rail, cover, and pop-up cleats.

We ordered our boat two years ago, geared toward a souped up runabout for myself, my wife, and my two small children. That is exactly how it has served; popping up the bigger built guys on skis, towing numerous people on tubes and kneeboards. After our trip, we have about 46 hours on the boat. We do not have a tower, ballast, or any of the wakeboard gear (even though our next one probably will), but this boat has been PERFECT for us.

I think anyone of the 9 other people that were with us would buy a Moomba tomorrow. I felt like I needed to write this because of the people who are discrediting the quality of the Moomba product. I saw Malibus, MasterCrafts, and another one or two stray inboards of which I could not see the name this past weekend, and I didn't see any of them doing anything any better or any fast than what we could have.

I refer to it as a "poor man's inboard", but since I own one, I feel that it gives my the right. I can do without the extra padding, extra chrome, and of course the extra price that comes with the other brands. I am proud of our boat. The people who insist on spend another $15k obviously are not as budget conscious as I am. If I did ever have an unexpected large amount of money, I would buy another Moomba (or Supra) in a heartbeat.

I have only few complaints about which I have posted (moisture problems) and read others' comments. This board has been very helpful for advice. Thanks to everyone for their posts.

I will try to leave a link here so you can see our boat as we arrived in Albany, KY (Wisdom Dock) and as it was the floating dance floor.


Thanks again to all.

Happy boating!!!!!!



08-25-2004, 11:44 AM
Great to hear. I have had very few issues with mine, and get nothing but complements whenever I have it out. Have a couple Malibu friends, and they both have commented that their next boat will be a Moomba. I have heard rediculous comments from people about how "people will know you have a cheap boat". Well, that is sad. Obviuosly someone who cares. I could give a rats arse about who thinks what. Have also heard it compared to buying a Kia. That's a joke. I look at it as deciding on a vehicle, then deciding whether to put leather, etc in it. Same engine, same ability, etc.

I made a great choice, and would do it again. I have enough self esteem and don't need to impress anyone by them knowing I spent 75K on a toy.

How did you like Dale Hollow? Went there growing up, but haven't been in years. Always go to Norris, but am considering a change due to recent congestion at Norris.

08-25-2004, 01:18 PM
Dale Hollow is great. I had not been there for almost 20 years (as a kid). I know that the houseboats sure have improved a lot! The water was warm, clean, and smooth, even with some winds blowing. It blows away the rough waters on the Indiana lakes.

I have heard good things about Norris also, but it sounds like a well kept secret may be getting out if it is as crowded as you say.

Thanks for the reply....have a good remainder of the boating season. Soon, I'll have to see if I remember how to winterize this boat like I did last year!