View Full Version : Boat Problems - Can anyone advise or has heard of same problem??

LyndonH Dubai
07-31-2010, 06:35 AM
I have had recent problems with my boat and seemed to have it all sorted

But yesterday i seemed to develop another issue

I was at the petrol station on the water at the Creek at UAQ and was there a little while waiting, with just the stereo on

When we tried to start the engine it was flat.

We got jump started by a car from the club, and then started to wakeboard a little

But then ten mins later, i lost all power and the power display was going faded, then engine was stop start and very rocky kind of thing

So i limped into the dock and just as i was doing that the engine cut out completely.

My friend was thinking it could be the alternator etc, but when we got the boat out of the water, although the boat was heavy due to having the ballast bags full as we didnít have any power to empty them, there seemed to be a lot of water coming out of what we think is one of the intakes for the ballast tanks? They are like two black vents, two thirds of the way back underneath the boat.
The water must have come out of there for well over half an hour

The boat did seem quite deep in the water and i wondered if this was leaking, letting water and then maybe affecting the connections in the engine and causing problems and then power cut out

The temperature didnít rise or anything so i dont think there is any damage and we stopped as soon as it happened?

Anyone any ideas what this is and how it can be fixed?

im not too well up on the boat as not had it overley long, but I am assuming that the two vents on the uderside of the boat are the ballast intake?

Hope to hear another set of good advice from all you guys out there


LyndonH Dubai
08-01-2010, 01:09 AM
thanks for that
if there was a bad leak, would this then have caused my engine problems in terms of draining the battery, cutting out etc, if water had got into and around the alternator etc?
im a little confused as last time we had a lot of water on board, the engine overheated etc and gave us an indication
still at a bit of a loss on that??

08-01-2010, 11:02 AM
I would think that if you had that much water in the hull, you could have grounded out and killed it. Did you look at the motor compartment when this happened to see how much was in there? I would back it down on the trailer and float it still attached and see if there are any leaks. That would be my only guess as a start.

08-01-2010, 12:19 PM
If the water level in the hull got so high it got into electrical cables that could cause problems. If you had your bilge pump on auto it should've been pumping continously if you had that much water in the boat.

You may have two different problems. A loose or corroded battery terminal can cause similar sysmptoms. An alternator can't charge the battery if the terminal is loose or corroded.

08-01-2010, 09:29 PM
Is your bilge pump working?

If not, and you get enough water in the engine compartment, then it will flood your starter or alternator which will cause an electrical problem If it was your starter, I wouldn't think you would have the fading of the lights. It just wouldn't start.

Never had an alternator problem on the boat, but what you are describing sounds like what happens in a car or truck when the alternator goes.

08-02-2010, 12:11 PM
check all your cooling system hoses especially the one from the water pump to the thermastat I had that one from the factory not seated right spray water over the belt causing the belt to fail with ~ 25 hrs on the boat... Without the belt turning the alternator all my gauges turned off and I barely got back to the dock not a fun situation....

When the water was spraying out my temps stayed around normal too cause the motor was still getting water even though the hose wasn't seated properly It filled the engine compartment quickly so fast the auto bilge couldn't keep up...

Now this past weekend we were skiing and the belt started to squeak so I checked the engine and found the same hose I had problems with before had 2 cracks in them again spraying out on the v belt again after calling every dealer in a 60 mile radius I found the "J' hose is a common problem on indmar motors my dealer sold the last one minutes before calling them but the mastercraft dealer had 2 on hand got me back on the water quickly

I would run the motor and look for where the water is coming from if you put your hands in there make sure to keep them away from moving parts