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08-16-2004, 09:30 PM
Attention all Boatmate Trailer owners..... I have a 1999 Supra Legacy that sits on a single axle Boatmate Trailer. Last weekend, I had what could have been a serious issue with my trailer. This trailer is equipt with 1 leaf spring on each side of the trailer called a monleaf spring. One of the springs broke and my axle rolled up under the fenderwell and step plate, bending the the crap out it and ruinning what was going to be my trip to the river. Fortunatly, I was leaving my house when when it happened so the damage was limited and I was able to bandaid the situation to get the boat back into the garage. If this would have happened going down the road, it would have been very serious for me, the people around the trailer as well as the boat. This trailer and boat have been pampered and has never seen salt water so "abuse" is not a reason for failure.

I called Boatmate and explained what happened. They were VERY receptive and understood what had happened. They claimed that they went away from the monoleaf and are using a better performing 7 leaf spring now. They said I will really notice the difference on how it trailers down the road. They made the whole situatuion right and I commend them on how well they responded.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND REPLACING THESE MONOLEAF SPRINGS IMMEDIATELY for those of you who have them on your trailer. It could, at the very least, save you the heart ache and looks of a screwed up trailer with a nice boat on it. It might even spare you from a bad trip to the lake or even your life or someone elses. I never really paid attention to the leaf springs until last weekend. Needless to say, I have two new 7 leaf springs bolted on under my trailer now.

08-17-2004, 07:30 PM
Thanks, Doug.

I've got a lot of miles on my 99 single axle trailer ( enough to have burned up a pair of tires ).

Time to get the new springs.

You may have saved me a lot of trouble.