View Full Version : Tsunami upgrade on Gravity I ballast system

07-22-2010, 01:54 PM
2005 Mobius LSV

Current setup:
- Stock Gravity I Ballast System (Rule pump with 1 sprinkler valve)
- Bags, pumps and cords all over the place

Final setup:
- Stock Gravity I Ballast System (Rule pump with 1 sprinkler valve)
- V-Drive compartment - Tsunami T-800 pump system based off new 3/4" intake

The plan was to leave the stock ski locker bag setup, as it works great for me and I didn't see the need to change it ... may change it in the future if I install an integrated bow sack. Then, I plan to run a T-800 to each of the bags in the rear lockers, and a T-800 to drain each bag.

So far have drilled for the additional thru-hull fitting (3/4"), it has sealed nicely, we tested it last night, and the pumps are below the water line so they are priming nicely (my biggest worry) :D :D

With this model of boat, you'll find there is literally no room in the hull to fit a pump system, luckily I had only two pumps to fit down there so I ran the thru hull straight to the ball valve, and then a male adapter to screw on a T-fittting which went straight to the pumps... I'll snap a picture this weekend to illustrate what I'm talking about.

This weekend I'll be finishing it up and testing it... I'm running 3/4" hose from the pumps up to a vented loop for each bag, then draining to new drain holes on each side with a one way check-valve in line to prevent air from filling into the bags for whatever reason.

I haven't T'ed in an air vent for the bags, yet. I know I'll want to eventually, but currently I'm using old school Sumo bags which don't have a top vent so I'm SOL for the time being. Air venting will be done by hand in the meantime... :S

Pictures to come after the weekend if anyone is interested....

07-22-2010, 08:08 PM
I have a 07 LSV w/ same stock setup and would like to plumb my port side 750# this winter. I am tired of filling it manualy.