View Full Version : Prop Installation

07-20-2010, 09:50 AM
I recently had to remove my prop and have it repaired. I got it back and it is shining like new. The only problem is that I have never installed a prop on my boat before. Is there a certain procedure that I need to follow? The long squared key that goes in the groove on the shaft and prop is not as long as the inside of the prop. Should this key be completely inside the prop and not sticking out on either side? Sorry for the amateur talk but I have never done this before. I tried searching for some forums but ran out of time as I am very busy this week. Any advice, step by step procedures, or links would be much appreciated. I am taking the boat out this weekend so time is a factor. Thanks a bunch!

Also, any good ways to test if the shaft is bent or out of alignment before I get it into the water? From the naked eye point of view it looks fine (but that doesnt mean much) and i can turn the shaft fairly easily with the prop on (couldnt get a good enough grip on the shaft to turn it without the prop attached).