View Full Version : Getting Back Into It - After a 10 Year Break

08-10-2004, 11:04 PM
Greetings -

I was an avid waterskier for many, many years. I have owned a Master Craft, a Ski Centurion and a Ski Brendella. Sold everything back in 1994 to buy a house and have kids. Now that the kids are a bit older, it is time to get back to it.

I don't want to spend a trainload of money just yet, and have limited space for storing. I also want something that will trailer, load & launch with ease. For these reasons, I am thinking of looking for a used Boomerang. It should be noted this boat will be used primarily for ripin' slalom + barefoot skiing.

Any feedback from current or former Boomerang owners would be much appreciated. Also - could a Chrysler Town & Country 3.8L V6 pull one? (Sorry for the ultra lame vehicle, but I did mention I have little kids . . .)

Anyway, please share your wisdom with me, Moomba People.