View Full Version : What head unit are you using with iPod/iPhone?

07-16-2010, 01:35 PM
I am using a Sony CDX-M10 with only auxillary input. I am wanting to go to something that has the iPod/iPhone connection for the bottom that will allow the head unit to display the song and let the wired/wireless remote controll the iPod.

What are you guys using?

07-16-2010, 02:06 PM
Any of the Kenwood I-Pod ready head units with remote control wire will work. It has a USB port in the front. I have the KDC-MP445U. It has one wire in the back that's bundled with the harness that would go to your steering wheel controls in your car labeled "remote". Connect the 1 wire coming from your wireless remote to this wire and that's it. All you do is connect your cable and I-Pod to the front USB port and your good to go. It will even charge. You can't get to playlists but it will control volume, pause, mute and skip tracks. Just push the I-Pod control on the head unit to hand pick a Genius mix or your own playlist, push it again and it turns control back over to the remote. Buy a pair of KCA-RC60MR wired remotes, mount them on the transom and in the front and you have the ability to control the deck from those areas. Makes for a great tool when you're anchored and swimming with nobody in the boat. You can use up to 5 remotes in one installation!! :D