View Full Version : Moomba Buying Experience - Horrible!

08-06-2004, 11:00 PM
There were no Moomba Mobius LSV boats available in my market last May when I decided to buy a new boat. However, I contacted this dealer who assured me that he was "owed a favor by Moomba and could get a new boat by mid-July". I took him up on that offer, and that's where the experience started to go down hill.

I sold the boat I owned for 6-years in early July believing that my new Moomba would be at my dealer in 1-2 weeks. When I called my dealer to confirm status of delivery he informed me that "the boat wasn't even scheduled to have the gel coat applied until July 20th!". I let him know that his salesman assured me that my boat would be delivered by the 3rd week of July (and that it was a safe estimate and may actually be delivered by the 2nd week of July). Lieing about delivery date....strike 1. He had no excuse for the salesman's misrepresentation of the truth, which is the main reason I decided to do business with this long-distance dealership; moreover, I had NO BOAT! By the way, I live on a lake, so having no boat in July is as painful as life can get.

The boat was eventually completed (or so i thought) and shipped to my dealer on Aug 5th, so I took the day off from work today to pick up the long-awaited new beauty. The boat looked great on the lot, but I was concerned that the pop-up cleats somehow were missed (I called them into my salesman the day after we origianlly wrote up the options. I was assured that every boat they order (and most assuradly the one I ordered) would have pop-up cleats from the factory - but upon delivery my fears were confirmened and the cleats were not installed...strike 2! This creats a major problem to figure out how to tie up to my dock.

The optional snap-out bow carpet was on back order, so I asked them to ship it rather than wait (I really wanted the carpet, but oh well, I couldn't let them delay the boat any longer)...strike 3.

I was really looking forward to having my first boat with a bimini top for comfortable sun shade, but although this was ordered this was an item the factory failed to install it (strike 4).

The dealer was so disorganized, that the missing components and lousy excuses added a few hours to my in-dealership experience. This got further compounded by the fact that the wakeboard racks I ordered were not installed, and the ones they had delivered didn't have all the parts needed to attach them, so the dealer pulled some off another boat...(strike 5).

The water test in a lake near the dealership made me want to be back home on my own lake (2.5 hours away). So, after a roughly 5 hour stressful ordeal at the inept dealership I was finally on the road headed home. Combined driving time and dealer mis-managed time was 10 hours...phew!

Following the initial excitement of brining the new boat home my family and I proudly took our boat to the boat launch for what we hoped to be a great evening of boating pleaure - we were VERY disappointed. Shortly after launch I noticed that the engine seemed to be running irregular. I made it to my home and docked the boat to load up some kids and neighbors. We opened the locker to watch the balast bag fill (novel new toy for all of us) when we quickly noticed that the locker (not the bag) was full of water...we were sinking! (Strike 6).

I managed to get the boat back to the launch and back on the trailer, but not before the entire engine compartment, back balast compartment, the locker and even the interior of the boat were filled and/or soaked with water. I called my salesman on his mobile phone (it was after 6pm by this time and the dealership was closed). After some consultation and a few ins-and-outs on the launch I was able to determine that the water was coming in from the engine itself. Carefully inspecting for the water source was difficult since the fan belt was spraying water everywhere. However, after some time I was able to locate the water intake hose and immediately noticed that the clamp was entirely loose and the hose was off it's connection!...(What strike am I on now!?!) This proved to be a relatively simple fix, but it took the boat almost sinking and another 2 hours of bailing, inspecting and effort to finally find the cause...hey, I'm a boat owner, NOT a mechanic.

So, in conclusion, this was perhaps the most unprofessionally managed and frustrating high-expense buying experience I've ever encountered. I won't publicly disparage the dealer, but if you want to know which one to avoid let me know. Also, the company is clearly to blame for the missed components and poorly inspected engine assembly/testing procedures they produced - far too many major mistakes and I'm the one paying the penalty.

If you have any advice or suggestions on what I should expect as compensation for this from my dealer or from Moomba themselves, I'd appreciate reading your input!

Bryan Mobius