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Shoemaker Mobius
08-04-2004, 11:28 AM
I recently took our boat to the dealer for the 50 hour service (along with some Perfect Pass problems). I purchased this boat (2004 Mobius LSV) from the dealer and all the service has been done there. The service has been good, but somewhat slow. This time it took about 2 weeks, mostly waiting on parts for the Perfect Pass. However, yesterday we took the boat out for the first time since getting it back and discovered that a $65 Leatherman tool, a first aid case, and a spare drain plug we keep in the glove compartment are missing. We have searched all the other compartments in the boat, but they are not there. Nothing else is missing, just the items we kept in the glove compartment. I spoke briefly with the service manager and he said he'd check with the tech, but a lot of people have access to the boats in the parking lot at the dealer. His response seems to indicate that it is my tough luck. I really like this dealer and I also like the service guys, but this really ticks me off. We try to make sure we have any and all safety items we may need on the boat at all times. We specifically got the Leatherman tool to handle any tow rope tangles or other issues. And, while the first aid kit wasn't that expensive, we felt it was essential. I can replace these items, but I think the dealer's response was lame. Any thoughts on this??

08-04-2004, 05:41 PM
I have been very fortunate when taking my boat/cars to the shop. I have not suffered a loss when I forgot and left something of value in the vehicle. But should I have suffered a loss like a missing battery or something else that was clearly part of the boat/car I would expect the dealer to replace the missing item. On the other hand a personal item(s) like those mentioned would fall under the category of I should have known better.

My thought is good dealers are very hard to come by. Don't let $100 of items cause a bad relationship to develop.

08-21-2004, 06:00 PM
I agree with Bobby. If you don't use that dealer will you have adequate service? Unless you work on your boat. You might be over a barrel. Sorry about that.