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07-07-2010, 03:22 PM
Hey guys, I had a question. I noticed this past weekend on my 08 LSV that my strut bushing looks funny. There isn't any noticeable play, or strange vibrations of anything. I was just looking it all over. The bushing is kind of a red color, and looks to be kind of broken on the propeller end of the strut (I didn't carwl in to look at the other end).

I was just doing a quick search online, and I only saw white thermoplastic bushings, and brass ones, not red-ish ones. I'm just curious if it sounds like this has been replaced from what is supplied from the factory. It just looked a little strange to me. LIke I said, I'm not having any noticable issues, but, if there's a chance I need to swap out bushings, I could certainly do that!

Any words you guys have would be appreciated.

10-05-2010, 09:19 PM
So I have an addition to this previous post.

I was under the boat this past weekend. I noticed that the engine end of the strut has a noticeable bushing right at the end, flush with the end of the strut. It looks to be similar to this kind of bushing:
Minus the outer brass housing - that looked to be plastic too.

However, on the propeller end, there is no such bushing flush with the end of the strut. It looks like there is something, up inside the strut further, but I can't fully tell.

Could you guys who have access to your boats check the propeller end of your bushings for me? Can you see a clearly defined bushing?? I noticed that the prop has signs of being repaired, and I am curious if the previous owner hit something, damaged the lower strut bushing, but didn't replace it with like kind. Could you guys take a look at yours and let me know??