View Full Version : Fuel gauge problem

07-07-2010, 12:06 PM
I recently installed a Perfect Pass Stargazer in my 2003 Outback LSV, and my fuel gauge has not been right since. I do not think the 2 things are related,but I guess anything is possible. The gauges are all wired in sequence, left to right. After I removed the right speedometer The temp and fuel gauges no longer worked. I took the loose wires from the speedo and reconnected them together, restoring the power down the line. The temperature gauge works fine but the fuel gauge was even more erratic than usual, but it worked. The first time I filled the tank after that it quit working completely. When the power is off, the needle is at about a 1/4 tank. When the ignition is on the needle swings all the way to the left, which is past empty. I have rechecked the wiring several times and see nothing wrong. The wires to the fuel gauge were never touched as it is wired downstream from the temperature gauge, which works fine. The problem seems to have started after filling the tank. Could it possibly be a stuck float in the tank? Any ideas? Thanks.

07-08-2010, 02:39 AM
Take a DVOM (Digital voltmeter) and check for 12 volts at the fuel gauge. You should have 12 volts on one side of the gauge and a reduced voltage out of the gauge to sending unit. If ok then disconnect the sending unit wire at the tank and use a test light to ground and touch the sending unit wire. The needle should move to approx. 1/2 way. The wire disconnected usually will bring the needle past full but sometimes gauges will be opposite and read empty when disconnected.