View Full Version : Thanks Wakemakers

06-29-2010, 01:52 PM
Like it has been said Wakemakers has helped me out a lot on my upgrade. It is better to call then email but they answered all my questions. I ordered all my parts (or most of them) yesterday morning and they got them shipped out same day. Now i am at home excited for UPS to show up and drop off everything.

06-29-2010, 01:54 PM
I also have to say thanks to Al for his upgrade since that give me a great direction to go with this.

06-29-2010, 04:55 PM
I emailed Wakemakers over a week ago. They responded a few days later saying "We'll get you set up today". I haven't heard boo since then, needless to say, I'm not overly impressed. Sad.

06-29-2010, 09:05 PM
They are slow on the emails. It is better to call. I have made two well three differnt orders. The Orders where packed and shipped out the same day. I do not know if it was just me but shipping was fast.

06-30-2010, 05:38 AM
I ordered from them and got my stuff right away.

you da man
06-30-2010, 09:22 AM
I've ordered from them three times in a 6 week period and all my stuff shipped same day and arrived within 3-4 days. Jason even called me once because when I ordered the 1180 center sac he wanted to make sure I got the right fittings.

06-30-2010, 01:31 PM
They are good guys over there.

I've had 2 different experiences with them. The first my order arrived before I thought is was supposed to.....FAST. The second was a mirriod of calls and emails to get the right stuff as I was shipped the wrong parts. To get the right stuff it took several emails and calls and then didn't ship for quite some time.

I finally got ahold of Jason and he was very appologetic. Very easy guys to work with and I know he wanted to make things right. I think they are having issues with help and with the seasonal backlog it's hard to find somebody who wants to show up to work and put quality effort in. This will happen every year in a low margin business.