View Full Version : no power to coil

06-27-2010, 06:12 PM
2007 Mobius LSV

Went to Wakeboard today and tried to start the boat and it would crank but not start. I started with ignition only to find no fire coming from the coil. So I checked power to the coil and I didn't have any power at the coil. I checked the circuit breaker at the motor and it was good. I also checked the three fuses in the fuse holder and the 35 amp large fuse. All checked out fine. My initial though was the Ignition Control Module but not sure. Any input would be great. Actually a wiring schematic would be very helpful as well. Thanks

06-28-2010, 08:46 AM
Be sure and check the lanyard/kill switch.

06-28-2010, 09:02 AM
Checked the kill switch first thing. Thank