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06-25-2010, 10:06 AM
Moon Lake (a bay off of the Ouachita River, in Monroe, LA, and the original home of Louisiana Spring Fling) will once again be the location of what may become the South's largest wake-based event. I'm not directly invovled in the organization of it, but thought I would post the "official" press release for anyone who's interested.

Are you bored on the weekends? Cant find a boat to ride behind or party on? Does your dad own a 80k dollar wakeboard boat thats not weighted enough but wont let anyone else drive it? Maybe you like to party all day long.....naked. What ever floats your boat (pun intended), this is the weekend for you......


Its all goin down JULY 23RD - 25TH on the glassy waters of the Ouachita River. Come get your ride on wether you have a boat or not. A free ride is for anyone to catch a set on another boat. show up at moon lake marina with your board and jacket, wave some green at someone and jump on the boat and ride some of the best wakes Louisiana.

Join us FRIDAY night at 8 p.m. at Monago Fieldhouse on 165 north by the campus for a the MLR Video Premier. Fieldhouse will have drink specials all night and some of the best burgers and wings in town...

Saturday at 2 will be the Warhawk Wakeboarding KICKER Contest in front of Moon Lake Marina. Anyone can enter with a 10 dollar entry fee. Come watch as the best in the area compete to win best crash, biggest air, best trick, and the overall TOP GUN winner. TOP GUN gets at least 100 dollars cash and a prize pack, others get prizes also... (There will be a prelim and finals. top 3 riders get to compete in the prelims. Each rider get 3 shots at the kicker. biggest air, best trick, and best crash can be taken at any point in the contest.)

Between the prelims and the finals, SUNCOAST SOUND BUMP Contest will take place in front of the marina... have you ever heard 5000 watts of music be blasted at you.... much less from a boat!?! Winner recieves a prize pack from SUNCOAST SOUND

EVERYONE who hangs around for the awards will get a wrist band that gets you free cover at TOP GUN for the MLR FOAM PARTY! Dont get dressed to impress. Just party with the best in boardshorts and bikinis all night! TOP GUN will have drink specials all night!

Warhawk Wake will be doing a raffle for 2 Company Severace wakeboards with bindings. yeah thats right.... you could win one of the sickest boards out there. Swamp Sports will be set up all day saturday with some of the best deals on Company and Obrien Wake gear.

For Information, contact Nick McDonald at 318-381-2058.


Monago FieldHouse
B & L Marine
Swamp Sports
Suncoast Sound
Moon Lake Marina

06-25-2010, 05:15 PM
Ken, we may try to make this. any camps you know of for rent in the area?

06-29-2010, 05:48 PM
I don't know of any camps for rent. Moon Lake Marina has a few RV hookups and welcomes people "roughing it" in tents, but no camps, cabins, nor houseboats to my knowledge.
Monroe is lacking in that sort of thing. Plenty of hotels, but that's about it in overnight accomodations. It's ashamed that the city of Monroe (and West Monroe on the "other side of the river) don't push for more waterfront development.

Hope to see you there. Quite a few Moombas in this area.