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you da man
06-22-2010, 07:35 PM
If anyone is in the market for cabin speakers looks like Earmark Marine is having the best sale on the Internet for Bullet HP 6.5" and the entire range of Polk cabin speakers. David has them packaged up in 2 and 3 pr bundles under "Promo Packages". As always we all know the Earmark, Exile, and Kicker dealers/reps give us good feedback on this forum so lets support them. I will say that even if you don't have a sub in your boat, the Bullet HP 6.5" will make your passengers think you did.

you da man
06-24-2010, 12:34 AM
I could only imagine how good the 770 coax speaker sounds for surfing.

06-24-2010, 08:11 AM
Basically, the HollowPoint 650 coaxial is like a Polk DB on steroids. Larger spider, larger motor structure, thicker surround, larger voice coil and larger tweeter. You get a carbon fiber midbass cone, ferrofluid cooling, poly cap,
2nd order highpass plus a number of other refinements and upgraded elements. Since the Hollowpoint was designed specifically for marine it has a balance that is well suited for competing with the high frequency masking effects of engine noise and wind when underway.
Obviously HLCDs dominate tower speakers today. But a conventional and aggressive tower coaxial still has applications. And the HollowPoint 770 coaxial is probably the best of hybrids when bridging long range projection with close proximity listening quality. You can't beat the extra 7.7-inch surface area in an open field environment. Will these project as far as HLCDs?
No. But these big 770s will play well at wakeboarding range and may sound superior at surfing range. The real key though is system balancing. A coaxial may reach its potential with half the amplifier power that an HLCD demands.

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