View Full Version : Dimensions for sub enclosure under driver

06-20-2010, 03:50 PM
Anybody have pictures with step by step how-to of how to build/install a Sub enclosure under the driver?

I have a 12" Kicker Comp v in the storage area but want to move it under the driver area with a fitted box.

My boat is an 02' Outback LS.


06-21-2010, 12:34 PM
There are several threads on here and numerous pictures of upgrades on the subject. When it comes to sub enclosures you'll get many flavors..........and with many different opinions you'll need to draw your own conclusion and decide what is "best for you". It'll also depend on the requirement of the sub you have for the enclosure type you build/buy.

You can go with a turn key solution like an Exile Enclosure. They are awesome and those guys/gals have done a ton of R&D. I beleive they have them going out the door for the LSV but you might have to help provide dimensions and measurements for the Outback you own if you want to go that route. They'll need the full area measurements and angle of the footrest if you want it on the floor in front of you. Keep in mind this option will take away legroom.

Newty has opted to carve out part of the footrest and glass it in to allow for a large sub enclosure to be slid in place....thereby saving legroom and allowing for a larger sub or one requiring a larger enclosure. I personally liked this option but didn't want to put that much labor in and with the Outback being a smaller boat, I wouldn't have gained enough room in my mind to make it worthwhile :(

Other's have opted to build their own enclosures to fit in, on, and around the footrest. When it comes to these you are only limited on creativity, budget, and sweat equity to make it work.

I wanted an enclosure built to fit on or against the footrest up off the ground to keep as much legroom as I could. I wanted it to look as factory as possible. I also wanted to go with a 12in sub and nothing less (not asking for much was I??) :)
I purchased the sub I needed and then studied the volume requirement of the enclosure. I measured, and measured, and measured some more. I was able to build a custom box to fit above the footrest and clear the wires going into the footrest, as well as the dash and steering column. I did have to relocate the electrical panel as well as loosen the steering column to get it in place. But now that it's in...........I couldn't be happier!

06-21-2010, 01:35 PM
I may just measure this out on my own and build this from scrap.

In my 02' Outback LS, I have no footrest. It's just a lot of floor space and then a kick panel/wall - no footrest like you have.

I guess mine should be easy.