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06-14-2010, 11:13 PM
Here is a picture of my 2 Stinger Batteries......


I have no power at my boat storage. Getting power to my building is unfortunately..........not an option. It is necessary for me to pull both batteries fairly frequently to take them to my car garage and charge them. First couple of times, I was able to get both batteries out without incident. This go-around, I cannot get the smaller battery out of the battery sleeve that is mounted in the boat. There is not enough of a lip to grasp. I had been able to get it out the last couple times, but this time..........I cannot do it. The only thing that I can think of..........to get the battery out is to back-out the terminals quite a ways, slide a small screw-driver in between the battery and the terminal and using that as a makeshift handle. Do the terminals on those stinger batteries unscrew with an allen wrench? Is there an easier way to get this battery out? And after I have it out, what is suggested so that I don't have this problem again. The SPP 2250 has a nylon handle. Is there a way to affix that type of handle onto the smaller battery?


I was able to get the smaller stinger out of the metal sleeve that is installed in the boat by unscrewing the two terminals and then sliding an allen wrench behind each terminal and using them as a make-shift handle. I sure don't want to have to repeat this process just to get the battery out next time. Anyone have any suggestions?? I plan to place a nylon strap under the battery into the compartment to use and lift it out next time............but does anyone have one of the smaller stinger batteries and have a better suggestion??


06-15-2010, 09:15 AM
Back in the day some battery companies used to make a removable carrying handle that was essentially the female ends of 2 battery cables connected by a rubber strap. I have also seen what appears to be the same type of set up using what looks like large washers on both ends. They both work the same, put the female ends on the vertical posts and pull up. Because the female ends are slightly larger they double bite on the opposite sides of both posts allowing you to pull the battery out. When your done moving it just push down onthe female ends and they just slide off. If the battery has side recessed posts you could probably do some sort of a like set up using recessed bolts, but would have to leave the carrying handle exposed. Judging from your operating room clean installation I am guessing that is probably not going to be your preferred option. BTW beautiful install.