View Full Version : Problem While Summerizing '05 Mobius LSV

06-07-2010, 07:10 PM
Hello All.

I've handled my own Summerizing for the last two seasons with no issues. This time I have a problem. '05 Mobius LSV, 325 Indmar.

I had to charge the battery. After charging, she cranked right up and burned of the cylinder coating oil as normal. I ran the boat for about 5 minutes and began to detect a very faint high pitched noise - I'm pretty sure it was coming from the stern end of the engine, but I shut it down before taking the time to investigate the exact location to avoid any potential damage.

After that, it wouldn't start. It cranks fine, just won't fire. The gauges still react when the key is turned to ACC.

I THINK my mistake is this, but I'm not sure: I left the charger attached when starting. I did this on a car many years ago and fried the voltage regulator. I'm hoping that's all this is. Has anybody had this issue before? I feel like a fool for forgetting to disconnect the charger, but I'm still not certain that's what has caused the no-start.

Any help is appreciated.