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06-04-2010, 01:40 PM
Still working on the steering issue, however, I am starting also on my next task reviving my 2000 Mobius. For as long as i can remember, the gas guage did not work (when my brother had it...we just tracked hours)....then it sat for 2 yrs, now i own it...same problem but also have an issue with RPM, speed and fuel guages. as i throttle up and down the engine using my fake-lake, the RPMs just continue on up to 6K RPM (quite obvious it is not acurate) and stop there....however sometimes it seems to be fine. Fuel guage always indicataes it is full......HELP i read someplace here that in instrument module NOT the guages themselves is likely to blame. How can i distinguish/verify the issue location. where do i get replacement parts?