View Full Version : LSV Sub install - pics for Moombadaze

05-18-2010, 10:11 PM
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I was able to get pics, although they are terrible pics from the iphone due to low light in the garage. You should get the idea though.

For those who didn't see previous thread, I removed the driver seat to get this in. Removing the seat was a 5 minute job (or 1/2 beer for some of you guys ;). I also removed the vertical divider wall under the dash so I could push the sub back more to get more foot space. There is a limit to how far you can move it back (or front would be the correct term) due to the wiring coming up through the floor. I suppose you could re-route the wiring, but that is a bigger project than I wanted to take on right now.

I had a 10" sub in a typical 1 cubic foot box; by removing the wall I now am able to put a ported 12" sub enclosure and keep same amount of foot space. I may have even gained a few inches.

For those interested, it's the Fusion sub and enclosure (900W Max) from this link. The amp is a Crossfire VR 600 D Mono amp (pic of it and factory amp below). Why these? I have a friend who writes reviews for a audio mag. They send him stuff, he hooks it up in a test vehicle, and reviews. My car was the test vehicle. I inherit a lot of this stuff. The amp is UK based I believe. The Fusion sub came as a pack with the 1000W mono amp from Fusion, but it was mounted pretty solidly in my previous boat, and it sold in such a rush (guy came from out of town on a day's notice) I didn't have the time to yank it out. The sub and enclosure is black and lime green as seen in link. I cheated and painted it entirely black a year or so ago.


Here are the pics.