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05-15-2010, 10:00 PM
I successfully winterized and summarized my '07 Outback and join the chorus of do-it-yourselfers who say it can be done.

Work I did (w/ boat sitting on trailer here at house) included change oil and oil filter as well as replace raw water impeller and gasket. Prior to draining the cooling system, for fifteen minutes I circulated environmentally friendly antifreeze through the block and heater core as a precaution to make absolute sure there would be no way for anything to crack or rupture during the winter deep freeze. I sprayed fogging oil into each of the engine’s eight cylinders. Never was able to get the flame arrestor off, so the intake manifold did not get fogged.

Come spring, I reconnected all hoses left loose for the winter and installed the two, brass block drain plugs (first wrapping Teflon tape on the drain plug threads). Hauled the battery up from the basement and reinstalled it in its case under the deck. Connected the charger (set to trickle) to the battery.

This morning was the moment of truth. I set up my version of the fake-a-lake. After checking and rechecking my winterization/summerization work, I held my breath, turned the key to the “on” position, let the fuel pump to do its work for three seconds, and finally turned the key to “start.” Engine cranked and sprang to life. I let it run for fifteen minutes to come up to operating temperature. No water or oil leaks. Heater works perfect. Love the sound of that 325 EFI engine!

Preparing the boat for winter in particular took more time than I envisioned. But, I was a first timer and no way was I going to rush. The consequence of a cracked block would be expense and tons of disappointment. Oil change was straightforward. I used an oil extractor to drain the oil pan. Also, placement of the oil filter on the direct drive model makes it easily accessible.

Bottom line, by making the do-it-yourself leap after three years of paying a pro saves me about $535 a year ($395 winterize and $140 summerize). I never had a problem paying the Moomba dealer pro because I wanted nothing to possibly compromise the three-year warranty that came as part of the factory incentive package with my boat in 2007. With the warranty now expired, makes sense for me to do this work each winter and summer. The money I saved this first time around not paying the pro bought the barefoot boom we will soon be enjoying on our Outback.

Hope to get her up to the lake and on the water next weekend for the summer.

05-15-2010, 10:25 PM
Yay,I think it also gives you a greater pride of ownership when to do it yourself.....plus it has saves so much time not having to cart the boat back n forth

05-16-2010, 10:07 AM
Good deal...I don't trust anyone but myself when it comes to wrenching on my stuff. I found the thread on winterizing on here and did the same as you. Plus, I have a better understanding how the systems works now.