View Full Version : thinking of putting in a depth finder

05-13-2010, 01:00 PM
I'd like to put in a depth finder in my 07 Outback, and was thinking I would put in a fishfinder so I could see what the bottom of the lake was doing. I don't plan on doing any actual fishing. Does anybody have any recommendations? Is it a tricky install? Appreciate the feedback

05-14-2010, 08:58 AM
If your thinking of doing a fish finder deal then no sorry cant help ya there. It would be cool to see the bottom but unless you are going down there do you realy need to see the bottom?

I installed a Hawk-Eye and love it. It gives me water temp, air temp and depth. It is a threw hull type set up so you do have to drill threw the hull. Its required because the water temp has to be in contact with the water of course.

Heres the install thread i wrote on it.


05-14-2010, 12:15 PM
I installed the standard thru hull puck. It was easy... the hardest part for me was finding the screw heads to pull the floor section up. But since you have an outback you probably don't need to do that. Just fish the wire back to the drivers area from the engine compartment.

05-14-2010, 04:36 PM
My boat came with an aftermarket Piranha depth guage, fish finder, temp. guage all in one. The transducer was wired to the transom and bolted to the swim platform bracket. The display was mounted down by the drivers cup holder.

It worked great but I got tired of having to remove the transducer every time I put the boat in the garage as the platform had to be removed.

I ended up going with the OEM unit that is glued to the inside of the hull and therefore lost the ability to measure water temp. I didn't want to drill a hole in the boat albeit I'd probably do that now! I bought a portable water temp guage if I ever need to know!

Still have it and planning on putting it up on ebay or craigslist if interested? Just haven't got around to do it yet! If so, I can snap some pics and get a model # for you? No biggy if not :)