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05-10-2010, 11:08 AM
Anyone hosting a Moomba Owners Mini-Jam or informal get together-- go ahead and post your dates here.

I'm looking at the 3rd Annual Flint River Mini-Jam on Sept. 4th. I'm thinking of having it in the same spot near Bainbridge, GA but camping a little further down the Flint River toward Lake Seminole at Wingate's:


The other option is to move it a ways up river to Lake Blackshear at Georgia Veteran's State Park:


I stopped at the Wingate's Lodge for some BBQ a few weeks back. I can vouch for nice folks and excellent food there.

I have not been on Lake Blackshear yet. If I don't get up there beforehand, I will stop on my way to Atlanta on June 21 or on the way home on June 24 to scope it out.

05-10-2010, 11:31 AM
posted some of this before & more to come

Following are a few details about Lake Sinclair for anyone that wants to travel in for this event:

located in Milledgeville, GA - 15,000+ acres of water and 417 miles of shoreline. often cited as "the cleanest lake in GA"


lots of hotels on the West side of the lake close to GA Power public boat ramps which require a nominal daily fee.

there are a few islands on the lake that people do primitive camping on. these islands offer some great spots to hang out and enjoy the lake. they are located close to the Sinclair Dam & Baldwin County Airport (for those looking on a map)