View Full Version : 4 blade prop

2003 outback
11-25-2002, 09:46 PM
Does anyone out there have a 4 blade prop on a outback? What are the benefits of getting one? Are the benefits worth spending the money?

Brian Raymond
11-26-2002, 01:07 AM
I am assuming that you have an Outback and not an Outback LS. The 4 blade is designed to give Vdrives more lift in the aft end to help eliminate bow rise and push the keel down, it also helps by being able to move more water upon take-off and not put the motor under more load. However, it is my experience, with the Outback, which is a lighter inboard boat, does very well with the 3 blade. It really depends on what type of skiing that you are doing. Recreationaly speaking, I would stay with 3bl., it will give nice hole shots for skiers and be a performer prop. for tubing, boarding or riding, a 4bl. may get some getting used to at hole shots at first and diminish top end by a mile or 2. If boarding and barefooting are gonna be the big issues here, than the 4bl is da man. When boarding and using ballast or added wt. it will give you a better hole shot for sure, plus with the load added, won't slip. The boarders in the group will like it, it will also help push the nose down to get a little mo' boat in the water for more wake. The big slalom or avg. barefooter will like it to. If possible, demo or borrow one, you make the call. Brian Raymond