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05-04-2010, 02:04 PM
'08 Mobius LSV
I'm in Wisconsin so we winterize the boat. When I put the boat back in the water, 1) is there a trick to priming the water pump?

Also, when I put the battery back in, the driver's panel buttons all light up when key is in run mode, including the stereo button. However, the kenwood stereo in the glove box won't light when pushing on/off button. There is also a kicker amp underneath as well. No aftermarket equipment on board, just standard stuff that came with the boat. I'm pretty sure I hooked the extra wires to the right posts on the battery since the battery posts and attachment wires are different sizes for pos & neg. I hooked-up two xtra negative ground wires and two extra positives along with the larger main engine posts. I traced the red & black wires from the amp, and where the red goes into a breaker, it comes out as a black wire with a protective sheath (I hooked this to positive battery post) and the black from the amp I hooked to the neg batt post. The negative wires do not fit over the positive posts, so it would seem I have them on the right posts. The breaker fuse looked fine, and the under steering fuse presumably is fine or the stereo light wouln't light, correct? So, is there a stereo specific fuse elsewhere or could it be an amp fuse somewhere? Or, what do you suspect I've done wrong?

05-05-2010, 11:36 AM
Primming the water pump. Nothing here just start the engine and the pump will auto prime in a second or too.

If you mean the Ballast system then check the sprinkler valves in the V Driver area make sure the little black switches are in the Open or Run position.

Also make sure the main shut off valve is in the open position. You may need to get on Plane with the boat to prime the Rule pump.

As for the electronics, not sounding so good here man. IS there a dual battery set up?

Sounds like all your stuff is in the right places. Double check the 50 amp circuit breaker by the battery make sure its reset and correct.

For the dash lights staying on might be bad switches but its highly unlikely all of them would do this. Al Cab had a new switch and it was all lit all the time and it was a bad connection or something.

Sounds like it wired correctly on your part. There will be a red 8 gauge wire and this is the main power line to the Fuse panel and it will run directly to the 50 amp circuit breaker. There should be 2 grounds, 1 is a large line for the starter. 1 is the stereo ground actually, was on my 08 at least.

If you can get a couple pictures of the battery and the wiring you have on it that would help.

05-06-2010, 04:07 PM
Thanks for your replies. I couldn't start the boat when we put it in the water. Turns out my battery died over the winter, though I had it on a tender? Don't know just yet, but dealer says amp may not kick on until it gets 10 amps, so this could be my stereo problem. The dash lights don't stay on, they just work when I switch them on. Thanks again, will followup when I try with a good battery.

05-11-2010, 12:17 AM
That was problem. New battery & boat starts & stereo working fine. The little stuff gets me every time!