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05-03-2010, 08:13 AM
took my sister and bf's pontooner out on sunday to go do some fishing. this is the boats second outing since the rebuild..
I was backing the crew back down the ramp and I got the signal that everything was unhooked. gave a little rearward shove and the boat shot out into the lake. turned out the signal was to NOT do that as it wouldn't start. turned out the batteries didn't have enough cranking amps to start the engine. he replaced one of them with a new deep cycle, but left the other battery. bad decision and he's fixing that today, but out came the paddles as the wind had carried the boat 50-60 yards out. they paddled back to the launch. I jumped in and started messing with the batteries. sure enough they were both down enough to not start the boat. as we were getting ready to trailer her, a small fishing boat came up to leave. turns out that one of the guys knew greg(my sis's bf) from work. they chatted for a few and next thing I knew, he offered them his battery from the fishing boat for the day. put the battery in, boat fired right up and we ended up spending 4 hrs on the lake fishing.
I couldn't believe that this guy was willing to lend a battery to a guy that he knew from work. greg told us as we left the marina that he had only known the guy enough to say hi occasionally and that they had been in some common training classes over the years. they both work at micron(5,000 employees now) and work in different buildings and different divisions..

that guy earned himself some major karma for the day and goes to show that boaters do look out for each other :)

05-03-2010, 09:51 AM
Nice man nice. That just goes to show the spirit of the common boater, you would never see that with a car problem. Boating is a sport and a an activity that people truly love and hate to see someone else on the water and not be able to do there thing to.

New Guy
05-03-2010, 01:39 PM
wow that's great! He has some good karma coming next time he is out.