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04-20-2010, 01:18 PM
I know this has been talked about before, but it would be nice to get this all in one spot. I am building a house and want to make sure the garage is big enough for my boat, plus whatever wake boat I may get in the future. If it is still a Moomba, then an XLV is the biggest, so I will make sure my garage will fit that. However, I am not sure of the dimensions of them. So I will post the dimensions of my boat in case it may help someone, and if any of you have dimensions of other boats, please contribute. Thanks.

2001 Outback DD
1. Length on trailer (non folding tongue) with swim platform attached: 23'-7"
2. Width on trailer: 8'-2"
3. Height on trailer, tower up: 9'-1"
4. Height oin trailer, tower down: 6'-9"

04-20-2010, 01:25 PM
thats a great idea as i have a good sized garage with two single doors. i had to take the guid poles to get it in, not a big deal though. i will measure my boat with the swing tounge and without to helpout.my garag is 26' deep so it is still a bit tight i just took the swim board off and set it on the storage/sunpad

04-20-2010, 02:32 PM
I am in the process of finishing my garage now with the same thought toward going bigger. I have an 06 Outback V and will probably go to an XLV or 24V. The biggest problem you will immediately have is that the standard height of a U.S. garage door is 7'0/2m high. I can get my OBV in with the tower folded forward, trailer leveled with @ 6" of clearance from the highest point, the windsheild. With an XLV, even with the tower folded backward, I am guessing that it won't fit in a 7' door. I had them install an 8'/2.3m high door instead which will hopefully allow the XLV to go in. I could of put a 10' high door in but they are uglier than a 3 legged dog and expensive to boot. I wouldn't go any less than a 12'/4m wide door which should clear the guide poles on any type of boat trailer. The depth will have to be 23'/24' + transom + tongue length, which is probably no less than 27' depending on the boat. I put 10 foot high ceiling in as well which will allow me to get OBV tower up easily, but I am not sure about the XLV. My main concern was just getting it in the garage. Hope this helps.

04-20-2010, 04:11 PM
last few pads I have built have had a funky garage. every house out here has a 3car garage, so that goes without saying. I built the single car side closest to the house and the double on the outside. make the single 24ft deep for your average suv, then make the double 24ft on the side closest to the single and the other side is 36ft. this gives you the ability to back the boat into the double side and negates the need for the 12ft wide door on a single side. I use 9ft wide on the single and 16ft side on the double and did 9ft tall doors on the last 2. they were real nice for clearance on lifted trucks but didn't look as ugly as a 12ft door. if you do a 10ft wall height, plus the foundation, you have just enough clearance for a 9ft door and the opener is then hugging the ceiling. the launch20ssv tower goes up with 4-5inches to spare..

04-21-2010, 10:56 AM
I probably should have given a little more information. I am an Architect and nothing about my house is going to be done using standard residential construction techniques. So the standard height of available garage doors does not apply to my situation. That is why I was asking for boat dimensions, not garage dimensions. Thanks for the help.

04-21-2010, 11:51 AM
boats are all pretty standard in size. a 23ft boat is going to have a platform on the back around 2.5ft and figure 2ft in front for the swing tongue and extra space, then 9ft wide as a standard. your only real variable will be tower height once in the garage. you don't specify if you mind collapsing tower prior to putting it in the garage, which leads me to believe you are using an 8-9ft door? in that case, go 11ft high for wall height, now if you want to drive in with tower up, you will need an 11ft door, or in standard res. building, a 12hx10w door. my 20ssv needs 10ft studs, but my cousins tige 22ve has to have the nav light removed to fit in his 10ft high garage(figuring 10ft wall height with double bottom plates, single top and a 4" foundation pour above the garage floor).

realize you really want boat dimensions, but they will all be about the same, and you want some fudge factor room, so overbuild.