View Full Version : Dewinterization complete and successful

Jeff W
04-19-2010, 02:55 PM
This was my first spring dewinterization with my Moomba after my first winterization with it last fall. I was nervous as you never know what could happen.

I loaded up around 10, dipped the ass end into the lake around 10:30 and to my surprise she fired right up. No hesitation - pretty impressive for a carb'd motor. I had no leaks from any of my freeze plugs or water lines, motor sounded good and all levels checked out. Wifey pulled the truck up and I picked her up at the dock and we spent about 40 minutes running around the lake a little at various speeds.

My temps were solid which is always a concern after an impeller job and everything checked out. I did a quick oil change on the ramp after I pulled it out (yeah, yeah) and now I'm going to spend some hours waxing it up and then start on the stereo depending on how much day light I have left.

2010 boat season has officially begun for me. I've been out wakeboarding for about 3 weeks on my buddies rigs but it was nice to dip mine in the water. It was pretty sad seeing my completely unweighted wake today since the past few weeks have been full of my buddies Xstar with 4k lbs in weight. Oh well - we'll get it there by the weekend and have it slumped and pushing as nice of a wake as a ski boat can push.

04-19-2010, 03:25 PM
Congrats man. The first trip always leaves me wanting more and more!