View Full Version : Good Water Repellent Cover-Mobius LSV??

04-11-2010, 07:23 PM
Hi! We are looking for a water repellent cover for our Mobius LSV w/ski tower and swim platform. We dock it on a local lake in Michian for the boating season.. We take it out 3-4 times to wash/wax, etc.. and trailer to other neighboring lakes..

Our Problem---Water leaking in the boat and floors are constantly wet...

We have used the factory Moomba cover since we bought it new last year and it seems to leak right through.. I have seen the Shark covers, and the Sunbrella covers.. However, these look to be more for trailering.. We are looking for a good water repellent cover to keep water out while it sits on the lake and we experience heavy rain fall...Or any other suggestions on how we can keep the water out and floor dry while keeping the boat docked during the summer months...

Anyone have any suggestions or solutions?? Thanks!!!

04-11-2010, 08:39 PM
Here's the problem, if your cover doesn't breath you will get all kinds of nasty stuff growing in your boat, especially if it is warm outside. It will be like a sauna inside and guess what? Mildew. I have used Sunbrella covers before and they are great and are water repellant as long as the water treatment is redone after washing the cover. A pole system is a must with any cover that's outside so water doesn't pool. I'm having a custom Sunbrella cover done before next winter as the Moomba / Attwood cover is crap.