View Full Version : Product specifically made for preserving stitching/threads on seats?

03-20-2010, 05:20 PM
Anyone use anything like this besides our normal 3M, 303, Boats Babe etc products?

I am doing a bit of research into how exactly these materials are broken down and if there is anything you can use as a "coating" or "preserver" to get combat the environmental degradants, specifically to the threading.

I was wondering about the water repellent products, but my concern is that many products including these have chemicals that would do the exact opposite as many contain petroleum solvents or silicone oils.

It could be products like 303 are the best I am going to find, as they state to contain UV stabilizers but I guess I was looking for that "something extra".

These toys of ours are expensive, and it seems to make more sense to me to be proactive instead of reactive.

Make sense??