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Shoemaker Mobius
06-08-2004, 10:03 AM
I read a local wakeboarding BB and they are currently bashing Moombas as being unreliable, bad resale value and overall a "Yugo" (whereas the Nautique is compared to a Mercedes). The claims are that while the Moomba LSV and XLV are "OK", the resale value of them kills you and unless you intend to keep them for 10 years, it is much better to go with a Malibu, MasterCraft, Tige or Nautique which are better boats and hold resale value much better. I realize JD Powers had some decent ratings for Moomba recently (although according to my read, Nautique was perfect, followed by Malibu being just barely better than the tied Moomba and MasterCraft), but can anyone comment on reliability and resale values on the Moombas? I'd like to dispense some facts to counter their affluent bashing. I would think that on a percentage basis, Moombas would tend to hold value better than some of the more costly boats, but I have no facts. They also say that Moombas are notorious for breaking down. Help please.

06-08-2004, 12:39 PM
I haved learned that internet websites are full of extremists and people who really have no clue of what they talk. Maybe they are trying to justify the extra 10-20k they spent for a little more "cushy" seats? I owned a 99 Malibu Response, and my Moomba runs as well, handles as well, and looks better. When you strip this boat down to what really matters, the engine and the handling, they are they same boat. I have only owned this one for a short period of time, but I love it and glad I saved the money.

06-08-2004, 03:12 PM
Just one example of how those people don't know what they are talking about is that Moomba's "break down" more than the others. Indmar engines are in many different brands of ski boats, including Mastercraft. To say that one "breaks down" more than another is illogical. It is all a matter of personal preference. I drive a Chevrolet truck and would not drive a luxury car if you gave me one. That is because my truck fits my needs. Same with a boat. If you and your family are happy with your boat and it does everything you ask it to do, who cares what someone else thinks about it?

06-08-2004, 11:21 PM
Just wondering, don't you guys have anything else to do than to worry about this.

06-09-2004, 05:22 AM
My theory is that most of these Moomba bashers are really just ticked off that someone else can be out on the water in a righteous ski boat for at least 10 grand less then what they had to shell out. They're just snobs, really. When I see a post like that I just throw in my 2 cents about how great my boat is and how little I paid for it. And if the question of reasale comes up I recommend they check out eBay and watch how high the bidding for a used Moomba goes. It's impressive.

Bottom line is that the boat bashers are into the image and not the sport. F**** 'em.


06-09-2004, 06:25 AM
Its been reliable. Problems have been cosmetic, ( which can be frustrating to a perfectionist but not to us). Come on, its a chevy v8 with more power than we need bolted to solid frame and drivetrain. Not a yugo that won't run. We are into our 6th season now. I will keep it for many years, maybe give it to one of the older kids and go visit it on weekends. Could never justify the extra cost for a Nautique.

We're not great, many of you are better, but while we kick ass on skis and boards, big-shot pretty rich boy got-a-house-on-the-lake-and-benzs-in-the-driveway owners are drifting nearby. Watching us do it.

So, they have more stuff than us, but we here are really having fun and getting our moneys-worth

06-09-2004, 07:58 AM
I just bought my Outback a month ago. Could not be happier. Me the wife and kids have been having a blast on it. We are stoked beyond belief. This boat has exceeded my expectations. I have wanted an inboard ski boat since I was 16 years old. I am 40 now. I am in a position in life where I can afford some toys. The first place I went to was the nearest Nautique dealer. When they told me the price I almost fell out of my chair. I have heard of being proud of your product but my god Nautique get a grip. Next place I went to had a Sunset orange Outback on the show room floor. I had never heard of Moomba but I was definetly liking what I was seeing. So I sheepishly got with a sales rep there and asked the price. WOW $18,000.00 dollars less than the same class Nautique. I did a little research on Moomba and went back over there and said, " give me that Sunset Orange bad boy."
I believe Nautique owners are paying an additional 10 grr just for the name alone.
Nautiques are definetly a nice boat but I am having just as much fun as they are for a lot less money and they are green with envy.

06-09-2004, 09:33 AM
When I looked at boats prior to buying, I couldn't believe the cost of Mastercraft and Nautique. After having spent some time researching the pro's and cons, I am sure I make the right choice. Service is great on the rare occasion that I need it, performance is equal to the others, design, in my opinion looks better, and the price cannot be beat. I've seen alot of these guys on the lake and talked to a few and the ones near my age have had to buy used since they couldn't afford the new models. When asked why they went with Nautique or Mastercraft, they just say, cause it's a Nautique, or Mastercraft. No real reason. When they find out the price of mine brand new, the looks on their faces are priceless. Just like anything else, a little research and price comparison, it's hard to beat the deal that Mooba has.


06-09-2004, 09:38 AM
I have a friend who bought the new Mastercraft X-Star with all the bells and whistles, the price tag $75,000.00. I kid you not! We took it to the lake ready to ride all day. The boat would not plane off. We were unable to figure out the problem and he had to take it back to the dealer for adjustments. The rest of us went and got my Outback and rode the rest of the day!

Shoemaker Mobius
06-09-2004, 10:03 AM
First, I want to thank all for their responses. Perhaps my wording misled some, but my intent really was to find out if Moombas have a history of reliability problems and poor resale as compared against the competition (as purported on the local wakeboarding BB). I purchased my first boat ever this year, a 2004 Moomba Mobius LSV after a relentless campaign by my 15 year old son. When I first began to research boats, I looked at Nautiques and the big names and first was absolutely shocked how expensive they were and second, decided there was no way I was going to spend that kind of money on a boat. I pretty much began looking at used boats. It was my son that pointed me to Moombas as being affordable, new boats. Case in point, I was somewhat enamored with a 3 year old, used MasterCraft for $42K (just looking at the pictures and description at the dealership). In fact, we were able to get the new LSV with better equipment, for approx. $7K less, with a 5-yr extended warranty.

As part of my research, I scanned used Moomba prices and it looked like they seemed to hold resale value very well. In addition, it appeared that Moomba used pretty much industry standard engines/transmissions that should be as reliable as the next boat (given that the "next" boat has the same engine and transmission anyway).

So...my impression was that the Moomba was a solid, cost-effective boat that looked great and had a good wake. My intent, therefore, of my posting was to find out if my research was flawed and also to figure out why the Moomba was being trashed on the local wakeboard BB. I still believe, based on further research, that Moombas hold resale as well or in some cases better than the competitiors. I also have not seen reliability problems and based on reading this BB, I don't believe reliability is any worse than most boat manufacturers. I was hoping for more details on these questions.

One example of resale value on the local BB was a 2002 Nautique at a local dealer listed for $41K. Based on the picture and description, it looked really sharp. However, based on doing some configurations, it appears that boat cost in the $60-$65K range new, with an agressive discount off list. That means the boat lost 1/3rd of its value in 2 years. Based on various used boat BBs, it looks like Moomba tends to lose 1/4th of its value in the same timeframe. Nautiques have been top rated by JD Powers for years, yet lose 1/3rd their value in 2 years? To me, that indicates that Moomba is at least equal to if not better in retaining resale value. I would like to see some corroboration on this from others, though.

Lastly, I take this time because I look at my investment in the boat as both recreational and financial. I don't fork out $35K frivolously. So, if I want to protect my investment, in the marketplace where I would look to resell, I think that is prudent use of my time. The advancement of Moomba as a leading boat helps all Moomba owners.

06-09-2004, 02:39 PM
Shoe, I think you are right on the money in your research and you made a good decision when you bought your boat.

Lets face it, a boat, any boat, "is a hole in the water you sink your money in". It is up to the individual consumer to decide how much, for what reasons, and for how long. Like you, I did a ton of research on boats prior to buying mine. I looked at mastercraft and malibus mostly but did reasearch the nautique. I had a friend that had a 1999 outback last year that he was selling. He ended up selling the outback for $4,000. less that he had originaly bought it for brand new(approx. 5yrs later). The person buying it was also a person I knew and he is an EXTREMELY tight person with money and performed his own research. After it was all said and done, he purchased tha used 1999 outback and has been happy since.

I bought a late year 2002 Kamberra Walkabout without the tower. I put a tower on, added racks, upgraded the stereo, and put on a bimini top. I still came out as much as $10k less than the mastercraft that I was originaly looking at and the less than the Supra launch ss that was the same as the kamberra. I also researched the resale of my moomba and found, suprisingly that I would not be upside down if I sold or tradded my Kamberra.

Bottom line, you made a great choice financially and recreationally.

Enjoy. By the way, It was indeed crazy at Travis memorial Weekend, does it always get that way on the weekends?

06-09-2004, 08:59 PM
Hey Shoe. I'm the one that posted in the forum that you're referring to, the comparison of my XLV as a loaded Suburban to a more refined, yet under-sized and over priced Mercedes M-Class. If you do much riding on Lake Austin, you'll notice the trend of Nauti's and X series. i love my XLV and wouldn't trade it for one of the forementioned boats. It may not be the best money can buy, but I could still buy a new tow vehicle to pull it with the money I didn't spend on one of the others. We will never win the battle against the pretentious people in Austin, but who gives a $h1t. We know that we made a SMART buy and are having as much, if not more, without having had buy in to their ideals. VERY sharp looking boat by the way!!!!

06-10-2004, 12:14 PM
Levi's...... Calvin Klein.....

Levi's last longer and look better. Enjoy your boat and go have some fun!! Just bought a "new" 03 Outback last month, this thing rocks!! After looking at "severely used" mastercraft, nautique, and malibu's I figured what the hell. I can go buy a new Moomba for the price of a used mastercraft, etc. They just sell the name. In my opinion....

Moomba + Attitude = Kick Ass Fun

Mastercraft + Snob = Can't afford to do Crap!

08-09-2004, 04:59 PM
Do the math... The resale PERCENTAGE is higher for the MC and CC models, but after you factor in the purchase price, sales tax, and loan payments the actual COST of owning a Moomba is far, far less.

I understand why people choose MC and CC over Moomba, Those boats are NICE through-out. But the resale argument just doesn't hold water.

11-27-2004, 06:26 PM
I agree with the rest. I've managed to put 270+ hours on my '03 Outback LS in TWO years. Yes I use it some. To date I've had 2 repairs. One was a recall by Indmar. My buddy had the same recall on his 75K Mastercraft. And about a month ago I noticed water in the engine compartment. Not much so I didn't worry as I knew it couldn't be anything serious. It wasn't. A muffler sprouted a leak. The dealership infromed me that the muffler manufacture sells to "just about all boats. And it happens from time to time whether its Nautique, Mastercraft."

My point: "No mattter what you buy, it will have maintenance."

As far as resale value goes. The other high dollar makes will depreciate faster simply due to them having so much more up front invested. period.

That being said. The other makes are hating Moomba. Thats why Tige, Mastercraft and Malibu have all recently offered a "entry level" boat. None of which seem to be as well built as the Moombas. Many rattle and are genuinely NOT the quality of Moomba.

Sleep well knowing that you didn't waste your money. However, the owners of the Mstercrafts, Nautiques, etc. probably will second guess themself everytime you drive by.

11-30-2004, 11:20 AM
If anyone has anything bad to say about moomba, just tell them if they are going to bash a moomba, then just go ahead and throw the supra boats in there with them. Moomba is to Supra as Toyota is to Lexus. They are both great cars, one is a luxury model, the other is a budget model. Moomba is as good a boat as all the others with it's indmar v8. The only thing about them is they take about 25 hours less to make than a supra because the interior does not have all the beads along the seems and stuff.
I own a 2003 Mobius LSV GG Edition and love it. I bought it used this year and got a killer deal on it. It's simple, if your boarding/boating on a budget, moomba is the way to go. You can't beat them. Plus, one thing I hate hate hate about the big "name brand" boats is the stupid ballast tanks. I hate hard tanks. They are a waste of space. When my bags are empty I have tons of storage space. Plus they are easily upgradable. My neighbor down the street bought a malibu lsv this year and almost dropped a load in his pants when I told him how much I paid for my boat (half the price for the same boat)
I would be pissed off at myself if I went with any other boat.

12-14-2004, 08:22 PM
I am in the market and in the price vs boat contest the Moomba is the best for the buck. It doesn't take owners of the big three to remind me that it will depreciate quickly. I am glad to see that Moomba owners are as loyal to their brand and $ as I plan to be. I am not going to say this is the last boat I will buy but it sure would be nice.

12-18-2004, 12:16 AM
We purchased our 2003 Mobius at the 2003 boat show in Portlland, OR. Took delivery with 3 hours on the clock in april 2003 in the snow. Active Watersports delivered the boat to us 150 miles away. Matt and Jay even went for a ride in the snow to check the boat out for us and let our son wakeboard(dry-suit) on Lake Billy Chinook. We now have 260+ hours on the boat. 1st summer about 150 second summer 110 or so. No problems to date that could not be taken care of in regular maint. The people at active respect the customer and treat them like they want them to stay. Moomba makes a quality boat. Maybe not all the chrome but throws a good wake, starts when you ask it to and holds a good line for the double up. Cant see 20k+ more for some of the others. There is allways room for improvement but our boat is no YUGO and the nextime I pull another brokendown brand in I will remind them of that. Besides only a fool would pay 30k for a Yugo.

01-09-2005, 08:20 PM
I have had my 04 Mobius 320 LSV for a year now, 150 hrs on it. I live in Ca so I get to board all year. I have more Malibu's around me on any given day than any other boat brand. The Malibu's are very nice. Every wake boarder both pro and novice who board with me, prefer the Mobius wake and pull over the Malibu.
I purchased almost every option Moomba offered due to the cash I was saving. The boat is stellar, the dealer has been great. I had a few issues when it was new and we worked through all of them as I would expect of my dealer and warranty.
I will buy another Supra or Mobius in five years or so without a doubt.
I wish they had more dealerships here, only complaint I have.

Brent Frank
Ventura, CA