View Full Version : another audio project..have wiring questions..

03-02-2010, 11:44 PM
Phase 1 of my 2 Phase audio upgrade. Phase 2 will be obvious when you look at the attached plan. I was inspired by the
power wiring diagram you posted recently Phil (which I am using by the way...thanks!). So I made an audio wiring diagram to capture my plan.

My questions are:

1) I am planning on running 16 ga (from monoprice) to the Polks which will replace the stock Kenwoods, should I use the same wire for the sub (SKM-10, 150W at 4 ohms) hookup? Or will the 16ga work?

2) I was going to use the Premium RCAs (also from monoprice) from the HU to the amps, will the same RCAs work for the sub or should I use a better cable?

3) My plan was to hook the 4 cabin speakers in parallel....so that they show 2 ohms to the kicker and get 85W for the two polks...any considerations of doing it this way vs in series?

4) Any showstoppers on the overall approach?

I am sure doing this as a single project is better but this will get me along way from my current stock system that is constantly cutting out on me...due to budget, the towers and associated amp will be for next year. Appreciate any insights...