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02-21-2010, 11:33 PM
Here is an example of how to build a manifold system using sprinkler valves. I have had better luck and fewer issues with the single pump and sprinkler valve system. I will be creating a new thread in about two weeks of my GIII upgrade to SUPER GIII system. I have built two systems, one with individual pumps and no manifolds and one with a HUGE single pump and sprinkler manifolds. The sprinkler manifold performed way better than the individual pumps and I did not have to use vented loops, plus I tested my system with all of the hoses hooked up full length on both systems and the sprinkler manifold system was almost a third faster!!! So don't let people tell you the sprinkler valves are ALWAYS slower. I will be debuting one shortly that is super simple and is faster than individual pumps. THE ABOVE STATEMENT IS FOR CINTRIFUGAL PUMPS NOT THE NEW JABSCO PUMPS. The new system like in ED_Gs boat will smoke mine, but I did not have the cash to go that route. My comparison was done with 3 Tsunami 800s vs a Rule 3800 and sprinkler valves.

Back to the manifold, cut all of your pieces and then test fit them in the boat, mark each side of the pipes with a sharpie, remove the system and re-assemble using the proper primer and glue. Here is a sneak peak at my creation:




02-21-2010, 11:41 PM
jesse that looks like 1" pipe and connectors?

You are very close!!! I used 1 1/4" pipe. The smallest connection in my entire system is 1" which is what the internal diameter ends up being when you join 1 1/4" pipe!.

Also the valves I used are not traditional "Up and Over" sprinkler valves. I use Irritrol 700 series. My system from two years ago used 3/4" valves that were about $25 each, this year I upgraded to 1" at $45 each.


02-21-2010, 11:52 PM
Very nice......thats what i thought. that will be a far easier way for the guys to upgrade their gIII to reduce fill times. what are you time wise to fill a 750?. But you have to replace all your 3/4 lines to 1" lines. but that is the whole key.....your only as fastest as your smallest diameter connection/pipe. but what about the intake? bigger scupper?

That was my exact thinking, you are right, the smalles inlet is what you have to desing the entire system for. I removed the old scupper, shutoff valve and replaced it with an internal diameter of 1" scupper and diverter valve. Man, you guys are making me post everything before I finish!!! I need to start a new thread and just put updates on my status in it. Everything is fully tested, but is scattered all over my garage.


02-22-2010, 12:15 AM
Ok, here is the thinking behind my insanity. I love to wakeboard and surf...A LOT, but I got tired of stopping the boat after wakeboarding, dumping one bag, unhooking it and dragging it to the other side of the boat. Find the hand held pump, hook it to the cigarette lighter, remind people not to trip on it and yank out all my wires and then sit there waiting on it to fill since the boat can't move due to the fact there is a hose hanging over the side of the boat while someone holds the end under the water. Then reverse the process to empty.

So I bought another bag and added the fourth valve. Now I can fill/empty on the go!!! Heck yes!!! So my purchase was the 3800gph pump, Tsunami 800 to empty and all the other items to make it work. I still have A LOT of wiring and cutting to do.

Here is the system in it's "Mocked Up stage" no clamps and scrap hose, just to give you guys a sneak peak.




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02-22-2010, 11:19 AM
Are the new sprinkler valves using the existing wires from the OEM sprinkler valves? Any fuses that need to replaced due to the new valves or larger pump? This looks like a route I would like to go in upgrading my GGIII to fill the 750 sacs faster. Could you post pics of where the new pump is installed as well as the new manifold in place

02-22-2010, 12:52 PM
Are the new sprinkler valves using the existing wires from the OEM sprinkler valves? Any fuses that need to replaced due to the new valves or larger pump? This looks like a route I would like to go in upgrading my GGIII to fill the 750 sacs faster. Could you post pics of where the new pump is installed as well as the new manifold in place

You do not have to do anything for the new valves when replacing the old ones. The old solenoids in my 2002 were the same as the new ones, but I cut the wire and put the new ones in just to have fresh solenoids. The fourth valve is not wired in yet, I have a new switch that I will be installing. My install is about 30% complete. I was not ready to post this thread yet, but in posting to another thread on building the manifold I got called out for the fourth valve and its purpose. So now this will be my progress thread and I will post things as I finish them.

On the new pump I will be adding two relays so the old switches and the new switches can turn the pump on. Also last year I started having issues with the old pump causing my dash to loose power, may have been the pump going bad, anyway, I will be pulling fused power directly from the starter instead of being powered through the dash.

As to the pics of the pump install, that will have to wait. Right now the pump is bolted so a set of saw horses and hooked up to a 5 gallon bucket and the manifolds bolted to the other. I wanted to flow test everything before the final gut process of the old stuff. I will update with pics as I have time to complete the install.

02-22-2010, 10:10 PM

what size bags are you using to surf, would'nt a 565 or 750 work for surfing instead of adding a 4 bag and valve. Just under fill it for wakeboarding?? i think we have the same boat hull and 400 to 600 in the rear works just fine.

i like the new valve set up.

I have the 450s in the rear and they rub front and rear as well as just under the rear deck lid; so for mine, I am maxed out for size with those. I had to cut and file all the screws to keep them from rubbing. The extra bag (565) will also be used for wakeboarding. If I have a small crew show up or all my skinny friends show, we will use the extra bag to weight the center instead of one of the sides. I wanted to add this in a way that if it is not needed, the bag and the hoses will be under a seat instead of in the way all the time.

02-22-2010, 11:55 PM
Some cool stuff Jesse! Sorry for making you post this stuff early :( I was just curious george :)

No worries, not a problem at all!! I was just joking around. :) Now I get to look forward to updating the thread with the weekly accomplishments! I was super excited to share my project with everyone! I have been meaning to post for a few weeks to show what I was doing so that I could get input from everyone on ideas to finish the job.