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02-19-2010, 06:52 PM
I have already had several PMs about making some of these for people on here so I thought I would post them in here.

I can build you some water resistant or some waterproof (around 1 meter) flexable led strips. They attach with 3m double sided tape. You can put them inside the boat to light up the inside as well, or run them along the trailer and tap into your parking lights. I can do Blue, Red, UV, Purple, Warm White, Neutral White, Pink, Amber, Green and RGB(all colors). I can do them in a side emitting led and can special order different backings. The backings behind the led lights can be black, white, or copper(which looks kinda yellow) For example: if you wanted to light up the walk through between the windshield and you have a black boat you wouldnt want a white or copper backing because it would stand out, the black backing would blend a little better. Prices really depend on what you want.

I just did a boat trailer with 100 blue leds total, I put 50 on each side of the trailer and they were pretty bright for the daytime. Price was 80.00 for all. That included 4 strips ready to go. I will do discounts for group buys also.


02-19-2010, 09:02 PM
Was there a previous thread regarding LED's? do you have any pics of your work or product home page?

02-20-2010, 01:41 AM
Was there a previous thread regarding LED's? do you have any pics of your work or product home page?

There was a guy talking about some trailer lights while it was in the water. I dont have very many pics, I have been doing this on the side when I have time and never thought I would need the pics. I do more in building the lights and send them out to people who can install them theirselves. The install of these lights are very simple to do yourself, just clean the area you want them and stick them on there, then wire up the 2 wires.

edit: I looked up some pics I had and they are not very good, its hard to make out the lights in the pic. These lights are awsome, they are not like the leds you buy at Autozone but cost close to the same. They look similar but these are brighter and are real good quality, plus I can make them waterproof. If you are hiding them inside behind a panel or in a storage locker you can go with any color backing because you will not see the strip you will only see the light it puts out. I put 4 10" red strips on the front deck of a 21' bass boat and they lit up the whole deck at night. Here in the next couple of weeks I will be getting my Moomba back from the shop and I will be installing some red ones on it.

If anyone wants to buy some and install them in their boat I will give them a 25% discount as long as they post up some pics for everyone to see, of course this is going to be a very limited # of people.